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Standard warranty

Thank you for registering your warranty with Aspire. Should you have any issues with your mattress you can now contact our customer service team directly by phone on 01484 949354 or by email at

It is important that you retain your proof of purchase for the duration of the warranty period as our customer services team will require a copy of this to be able to process any claims.


As per the care instructions we strongly recommend that you use a mattress protector and the use of such will be required to maintain the extended mattress warranty. Fortunately we are able to offer a high quality protector at a heavily reduced rate just use code WARRANTY at checkout to get 60% off the normal price of our recommended mattress protector:Click here

  • Soft and super absorbent surface
  • Waterproof, yet breathable
  • Effective in preventing dust mites and bacteria from breeding inside the mattress, which are a significant cause of asthma, rhinitis and eczema
  • Protective against stains such as spills, sweat, bodily fluids, bed wetting
  • Especially helpful in cases of incontinence
  • Fitted skirt fits all standard and extra depth sizes
  • Ultra-thin material does not detract from the comfort of the mattress
  • Machine wash and tumble dry
  • Durable with the ability to be washed in excess of 200 times
  • Can be used with electric blanket