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Our 5 Year Guarantee

In addition to our 12 month standard warranty, many of our items are covered by our 5 year warranty. We offer this to
give you the ultimate peace of mind, so you can sleep easy knowing that if any problems do occur, we have you


Our 12 Month Warranty & 5 Year Guarantee

All our products come with a minimum 12 months manufacturer warranty (unless stated otherwise at time of purchase). If your item(s) appears to be faulty outside of your 14-day cancellation period, but within the initial 12 months we will require evidence of the fault. This will require you to send high resolution photos and/or video of any suspected faulty parts via email. Only once we have received the evidence via email would we be able to process the warranty claim.

We would not need to collect the item to inspect in person as we can find any information we require through the use of high resolution images and video which means warranty claims can generally be processed much faster. If a fault is found with the item(s) within the 12-month warranty period, we will replace all affected parts free of charge.


Our lasting 5 year warranty for your peace of mind

Many of our items in addition to the 12-month warranty are also covered by our 5-year warranty. This warranty is effective from the date of purchase and the 5-year period will be clearly displayed on the individual product page.

After the expiry of the initial 12-month guarantee, if your product develops a manufacturing defect and you wish to claim on our 5 warranty, we will require high resolution photos and/or video of any suspected faulty parts via email, if it is found to be faulty, we will charge a fee for the replacement of the faulty item according to its age.

These charges are based on a sliding scale – the older the item is, the more you will need to contribute towards the replacement (including delivery costs).

The charges will be calculated as follows.

0 – 1 Year: Free of charge under the initial 12-month guarantee.

1 – 2 Years: 20% of the current retail price

2 – 3 Years: 40% of the current retail price

3 – 4 Years: 55% of the current retail price

4 – 5 Years: 70% of the current retail price

We regularly invest in new product development and innovation which means we will occasionally discontinue products when it has been superseded by a newer model. If you have a claim accepted under the 5 year warranty on a product that has been since discontinued we would offer a discount equivalent to the contribution shown above on a model (or selection of models) with similar specification from our current range.