Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen launches a range of beds and headboards with Barnsley manufacturer Aspire
“The Sleeping Beauty Collection is my design hymn to the Romantic Tradition of the bedroom. Latterly beds have become a matter of Science or Orthopaedics, I want to bring SEXY back between the bedsheets with beds that are DIVINELY comfortable but that also take the sleeper to unprecedented heights of Contemporary Glamour” - LLB

Suite Boutique has been specifically created by LLB, following his many high profile collaborations in the world of Boutique Hotel Design. Envisioned by him to create an instant Designer-Hotel makeover for your bedroom, Suite Boutique combines  5-star comfort, contemporary luxury, and international super-style together in one range.

The unique upholstered, buttoned and tufted technique has been pioneered by the LLB design team and marks a significant technical innovation within the rich tradition of soft upholstery.
“Sleeping Beauty has allowed me to indulge my passion for glamorous, voluptuous design. I love the fact that the designs I’ve evolved so lovingly for this collection are skillfully made by hand using the traditional British methods that guarantee unparalleled quality and comfort. As a young and dynamic company Aspire have already begun to spark something of a Boutique Manufacturing Renaissance in the North East and it gives me huge pride to see Sleeping Beauty being so skillfully brought to life in the UK.” - LLB

Inspired by the white hot ‘Hollywood Regency’ design trend that’s currently oh-so INSTA-GLAMMABLE, the Boudoir bed range is being launched in three über elegant patterns. MAYFAIR LADY is LLB's design homage to one of his all time heroes, Cecil Beaton - whose designs made Audrey Hepburn so unforgettably ravishing in My Fair Lady. SHANGRI-LA fuses all the exotic glamour of the 1940s Oriental nightlife scene into one divinely decadent design. Bespoke embroidery brings an Haute-Couture sparkle to this silkily slinky ultra-sophisticated statement bed. PALM BEACH thoroughly enjoys the ubiquitous Instagram design fascination with all things Tropical. As glamorous as an ice-cold cocktail in the Copacabana this eye catchingly Fashionista-Friendly Design is guaranteed to bring va-va-voom to any bedroom.


As a Classically-trained Fine Artist LLB has amassed an astonishing collection of his own original paintings and drawings over the years. It is this Artistic Oeuvre that has furnished the Galleria range of luxuriously upholstered headboards with an Art Gallery sized collection of powerfully romantic images. Designed to allow the customer to choose size and colourway, commissioning a GALLERIA digitally-printed Fine Art headboard is akin to commissioning an exquisite Llewelyn-Bowen Original artpiece for your bedroom.